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100 words

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100 Words
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Fiction or Fanfiction drabbles using exactly 100 words.
Gettin' those creative juices flowing!

Welcome to the 100 words community, just another writing community centered on showcasing your talents for writing. In specific, this community is about writing 100 words, no more, no less, using a set containing 26 prepared themes about your prefered character/pairing claim from any fandom of your choice. Original characters are also accepted. We encourage it!

NOTE: If you are writing about just one character, you don't have to focus on his/her relationship with just one specific person in particular, but with many! Such is the fun in choosing one character.

So, how do I begin?
You will begin by claiming a subject (character relationships) that you would like to write about. Let us know in this  post.

- you can only claim up to one subject
- you CAN claim the same one as someone else (so don't worry about that)
- please only post your 26 drabbles only when you are finished completely with them

located here

- you must choose only one theme set each time
- the first time you are doing this challenge you are obligated to start off with one of the list of themes we have created :)
- after you are finished with the 26 drabbles + the theme set you have selected, feel free to start over or choose another subject using a theme set you have made-up or another from the list :)
- please feel free to suggest to us a theme set to add to our ever-growing list; that would be lovely.


Make sure you post your set of drabbles when they are finished in this format:

Allow critiques? Y/N?:
Character/Character relationship:
Which theme set you're using:

Don't forget the lj-cut.

Not too hard, is it? Well, that's it...

If you have any questions/are confused:

- contact your friendly mods, tanachu and ubiquitous_moon
- please refer to this post. We will try to answer your questions as soon as we can. If not then please be patient.


And last but certainly not least...


- don't be a beish.
- play nice. don't bash others just because you don't agree with their choice in character/pairing.
- be polite to new members. if they have questions, make sure to help them out and treat them as you would a long-time member of this community. afterall, not everyone knows their way around the block. we've all been down that road one way or another.
- and most of all... HAVE FUN! spread word of this awesome little community. THE MORE MEMBERS, THE SEXIER IT WILL BE.